Strength & Conditioning

National Team Athletes

The strength training and injury prevention program will be available to the National Team athletes and will be presented in an online format via the Trainerize website and app. A physical copy of the program will also be available. Trainings are conveniently done by the athletes whenever it is permitted in their schedule due to the online format. One of two separate programs will be given to the athlete based on their team, 12-14s will have one program and 15-18s will have another. The program will progress each month with new exercises being added.

American & Regional Team Athletes

American and Regional team athletes can sign up for the same training program as the National team athletes at an additional cost. These athletes will be able to purchase the program and join on their own via a link provided by Coach Herceg and AVC.  Each American or Regional team athlete that joins will have their own individual profile on the Trainerize website and app, where they can communicate with Coach Herceg directly.